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Lip Fillers: Everything You Need To Know

So you may see plump up pouts popping up all over your social media what is lip filler? Lip filler is a gel made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound in the human body that works by binding to water to plump and hydrate. During a lip filler procedure the gel is injected into the lips to achieve a variety of outcomes including volume, definition, hydration and improvement of shape and fine lines.

Does It Hurt?

At The Youth Elixir we have topical and local anaesthetic available to improvement discomfort associated with the injections. The treatment itself only takes approximately 10-15 mins and with the anaesthetic options available, there is normally only a mild amount of discomfort during the procedure.

When will I see results?

Results from this procedure can be seen immediately however it does take approximately 7-10 days for lips to completely settle from swelling post procedure.

What Is The Downtime And Risks?

As mentioned above every single patient will experience some degree of localised swelling. Generally, this lasts for 24-48 hours however some patients may find that have mild swelling for up to a week. Bruising can also occur post procedure as the lips are an extremely vascular area. This should only be mild and can last up to a week.
Other risks of the procedure include lumps, pain, infection and extremely, rare vascular occlusion. Vascular occlusion is the event where filler is injected into the blood vessel and the blood supply to the skin is occluded. While this is a rare event it can be immediately reversed by the use of a medication called hylase. Hylase is an enzyme that can penetrate through the vessel wall and dissolve the filler which will reverse the occlusion. It is important to always check your injector has this on hand because if the occlusion is not reversed it can lead to devastating complications such as skin tissue death which can lead to permanent scarring.

Why Does The Price Vary So Much Between Clinics?

This can be due to the type of filler used. There are many different types of filler available on the Australian market including thin, medium and thick fillers. At The Youth Elixir we have a medium and thick filler that we use in the lips however product selection will be determined after a thorough consultation. Other factors that can causes variation in price can include experience and training of the injector, overheads of the clinic and brand of product being used.
Top tips to remember when choosing an injector to perform your lip filler treatment.
  • Make sure your injector has a thorough discussion with you about your aesthetic goals, the risks associated with the treatment and how to get in touch if you feel something is wrong
  • Checking with that injector has an emergency protocol in place and has hyalurondaise in clinic in case of an adverse event
  • Checking experience, qualifications and training of the chosen injector.

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