Skin needling… What is the verdict?

We are seeing skin needling advertised more and more lately and it makes you wonder is it worth all the hype? You may hear it referred to by many names including skin needling, collagen induction therapy, CIT, dermapen, dr pen, skin pen etc. They are all the same treatment and what the practitioner refers to the treatment as may be specifically what the device does such as “skin needling” or “collagen induction therapy” or it may be referred to as the brand of the device such as “dermapen” or “dr pen.” To make things easy for us we will refer to it as skin needling in this blog.
Skin needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment developed over 20years ago using needles to cause controlled trauma to the skin to induce collagen production. So why are we hearing so much about it now if it’s a relatively old treatment?
I believe this is because the technology of skin needling has drastically improved over the last few years making it a quicker and a lot less painful treatment than it was back then. I know when I was working as a cosmetic nurse five years ago we had skin needling on the clinic treatment list , however it certainly wasn’t like it is today.
Back then, I think I saw about 2 or 3 patients per year for skin needling and I believe it was a lot to do with my reservations about the device we used to use back then. This was well before we had our beautiful electronic pens and instead we used derma rollers. The same derma rollers you use at home except with a clinical treatment depth. Ouch!
The treatment using the roller was much slower and more painful to complete the treatment and we also didn’t have the advantage of titrating the depth when treating different areas of the face.
The treatment using the roller was much slower and more painful to complete the treatment and we also didn’t have the advantage of titrating the depth when treating different areas of the face.
With the new technology, we have electronic pens with vertical needles that oscillate quickly making the treatment a lot less painful and a lot faster than it was in the past. So how does it actually work for skin rejuvenation?

The pen will create micro injuries to the skin, which will trigger growth of fibroblasts, which in turn stimulate collagen production. The reason we get more fine, lines and wrinkles as we age is decrease in collagen production. The increase in collagen production from the skin needling treatment will help create smoother, plumper skin.

It is also known to be a great treatment for acne scarring. When the skin encounters any trauma or injury it will begin to heal itself by destroying the old, damaged tissue ( acne scarring) and replace it with freshly produced collagen making the scarring smoother and less visible.
I have been a long time user of skin needling because I truly believe that you consistently achieve these results every time. Over the last 6 months, I have let my skin go a lot due to a busy, stressful lifestyle, not engaging in regular skin treatments, poor diet and possibly a little too much alcohol consumption so I decided to get my skin back on track by beginning to address all these factors. On my Instagram I am currently vlogging my skin journey and decided to use skin needling as one of the treatments to help improve my skin.
I am a week post my first skin needling treatment and so far the results have been great. I must clarify though that best results are seen 4-6 weeks post treatment when we see that increase in collagen production.
The day of treatment, we cleaned the skin and applied topical numbing cream to avoid any discomfort associated with the treatment. During the treatment, we using the skin needling device to needle my whole face and neck. During the needling, we also infused a peptide serum which also helps to stimulate collagen. The procedure itself was painless due to the numbing cream and took about 30mins.
Post treatment I was quite red which is to be expected so I lied under the red LED light which helps with the recovery and healing process. Red LED light therapy helps to reduce inflammation and helps to stimulate post procedure wound healing. An added bonus of the red light therapy is that it also stimulates collagen so perfect to help with fine lines and wrinkles.
After the procedure, I experienced redness for approximately two days. I was able to apply makeup the next day so the redness was virtually unnoticeable. From day 2-5 my skin was quite dry and flaky which is quite normal and easily buffed away when cleansing my face and neck in the shower. At day 6 I did a full exfoliation of my face and neck and that is when I first started noticing the results.
My skin already feels so much tighter and very smooth to touch. I have also noticed an improvement in pore size and skin tone. My makeup and skin care goes on a lot more smoothly and seems to stay in place for a longer duration. This is only one-week post treatment and I love the results and am excited to see further changes over the next month.
Normally I recommend a minimum course of three treatments to patients and if treating acne scarring often up to six. I will repeat this treatment in 4-6 weeks possibly another 3-4 times for optimal results.

What I love about the skin needling is that it only enhances and improves the duration of other treatments such a botox/dysport and dermal filler treatments. The better quality of your skin the more improved response and results you will see from other treatments. After my experience with this treatment, I definitely recommend putting this one on the bucket list for healthy glowing skin.

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